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Bob Anderson is an Irish artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Much of Bob's work is Irish modern art with an impressionist flavour, but Bob's paintings cover a wide range of topics and a variety of artistic styles and media. Current paintings for sale include original paintings and prints of landscapes and seascapes, people, situations, and portraits. Bob's artistic paintings and prints are available framed and unframed. View Irish Art Gallery.

Irish Paintings - Modern Irish Art

Much Irish art and painting is traditional and conservative, whereas Bob's artistic style is a blend of modern art, impressionism, and imaginative ideas. His art tends to be childlike and animated, and displays an emphasis on colour and shapes in the impressionist style.

Bob's Irish Art Gallery

Bob's work is not generally found in Irish art galleries, he has instead chosen the modern medium of the Internet as his Irish art gallery, and this site is an electronic art exhibition featuring a number of Bob's art and paintings.

Own an Irish Painting or Irish Art Print

Bob's irish paintings and prints are ideal for collectors of Irish art, or as original irish gifts.

Contact Bob Anderson to discuss your requirements for irish paintings, irish prints or commission him for a unique irish gift.

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